Costa Rica Dental Implants Cost

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Costa Rica dental implants cost

Having a beautiful smile should be the birthright of every single person. Unfortunately, life happens to all of us and with undesirable effects over time we are left with not so pleasant teeth. Finding that beautiful smile should not be a costly process like many people are led to believe. We at America Dental have made all the important calculations for you to get that wonderful and gorgeous smile back.

The overall cost involved
Obtaining the right price is very tricky to calculate seeing that there is such a wide variety of dental institutions out there. In the United States and Canada, basic dental health care has become unobtainable for the everyday hardworking residents.
The dentistry industry in North America has seen a decline as many people opt to go abroad to have their dental needs met. The fact of the matter is that it is less expensive to go abroad to a country like Costa Rica and to get your dental work done. American prices cannot compete with such low maintenance cost which you get in Costa Rica.

Dental cost
At America Dental we handle a lot of abroad clients, this is roughly how much it will cost for any of the procedures.
The cost of a full dental implant in Costa Rica can be as little as $1500 to $2000 per procedure. However, there are cheaper options available but it is not advisable to take that route as they may lead to low-quality materials that would need replacement in a couple of years. The best clinics in Costa Rica will charge a little more than the average clinics as they will deliver a better service.

Dental implants with a crown
This procedure consists of a dental implant being placed into the bone in a noninvasive procedure. However, the gums and bone will need time to heal before the crown is attached. This sort of implant o’s normally attached to a precious metal, nonprecious metal or zirconia and depending on the metal you use the price for the implant can be anywhere between $450 -$850 per procedure.

Full mouth restoration
If you are missing multiple teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth you may require an all on 4 or all on 6 procedure. This is one of the most costly procedures that there is in the dental industry. In the USA such a procedure can easily cost you between 35k - 65k. However, in Costa Rica, this price is reduced considerably, so at the end of the day, you only pay $10 000 - $24 000.

As you can see getting any dental procedure can be costly but if you are wise you can find a reputable dentist in Costa Rica. Compared to the prices in the USA it is more intelligent and cost efficient to do your procedures in Costa Rica. Get in touch with us at America Dental and book your appointment for dental satisfaction.

Costa Rica Dental Implants Cost
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